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About Limoni Group

Empowering Generations through Financial Stewardship

Welcome to Limoni Group, a distinguished multi-family office headquartered in Belgium. For decades, we have built a reputation as trusted advisors and financial stewards for families and high-net-worth individuals seeking customised, thoughtful solutions to their unique financial needs and aspirations.

Limoni Group prides itself on a culture of excellence, integrity and confidentiality. Our team comprises seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, enabling us to bring a multi-faceted perspective to every engagement. We are committed to forging long-term partnerships with our clients and their families, cementing our legacy as a reliable partner for wealth management and preservation.

Our Expertise

We have a deep understanding and specialisation in real estate, private equity and alternative investments. Our vast network and robust expertise in these sectors have equipped us to generate attractive returns and unlock investment opportunities often inaccessible to individual investors.
In the dynamic world of real estate, our team leverages its industry knowledge, due diligence capabilities and market insights to create value-added strategies for our clients. We take a hands-on approach, managing properties to maximise return potential while mitigating risks.

In private equity, we partner with promising enterprises, contributing capital and strategic guidance to foster their growth. We focus on long-term value creation, closely monitoring market trends and adjusting strategies to optimise our clients’ investment portfolios.

Alternative investments represent another core expertise of Limoni Group. We provide access to a broad spectrum of non-traditional assets such as hedge funds, commodities and rare collectables, each with the potential for diversification and return enhancement.

With Limoni Group, wealth management goes beyond mere asset allocation. We prioritise fostering trust-based relationships, understanding each client’s objectives and shaping a financial future that echoes their visions. Our multi-family office offers a holistic approach to wealth, encompassing estate planning, tax optimisation, philanthropic guidance and inter-generational wealth transference.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your unique financial objectives and explore how Limoni Group can assist you in achieving them. Please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience.

Our Services

Diverse Investments, Singular Focus

At Limoni Group, our suite of services is designed to support your journey towards achieving your financial objectives. We offer a holistic, client-centric approach, ensuring our advice aligns with your unique goals and circumstances. Trust us to be your partner in wealth creation, management, and preservation.

Asset Management & Investment Governance

Navigating the hyper-evolving and complex world of investments requires experience, knowledge and precision. At Limoni Group, we provide comprehensive asset management services to help you actualise your short and long-term financial goals. We help clients adopt a disciplined investment governance approach while continuously monitoring their portfolios’ performance against benchmarks and adjusting strategies to maximise returns and mitigate risks.

Family Governance

Building and preserving wealth across generations can be challenging without a well-articulated framework for decision-making. Our family governance services aim to foster harmony and collaboration among family members. We help you establish clear communication protocols, define shared values and goals and implement strategic structures for sustained wealth management.

Tax & Estate Planning

We recognise that effective tax and estate planning is essential for wealth preservation. At Limoni Group, we work closely with you to design and implement a comprehensive plan that aligns with your financial goals and anticipated tax liabilities. Our experts also assist in developing integrated strategies for estate transfers, ensuring a smooth succession process that safeguards your legacy.

Business Advisory

Whether you are considering a new investment or seeking guidance on business expansion, our business advisory services are designed to deliver informed and actionable insights. We provide strategic counsel on a broad range of topics, from mergers and acquisitions to operational efficiency and risk management. We aim to help you make decisions supporting sustained growth and profitability.

Our Portfolio

Unlock Your Wealth Potential

Limoni Group’s diverse portfolio spans different sectors and geographies, reflecting our commitment to providing clients with a broad range of investment opportunities. Each category of our portfolio is meticulously crafted to suit varying risk profiles, financial goals and investment horizons. We continuously strive to innovate and explore new investment frontiers, enabling us to offer our clients a robust, diversified and dynamic portfolio. While our investments are diverse, they are united by a common thread—a relentless focus on delivering sustainable, long-term returns.

Real Estate

Our real estate portfolio includes high-quality residential, hospitality and commercial properties in sought-after locations around the globe. We focus on identifying properties that offer attractive yield potentials, capital appreciation and diversification benefits. Our team diligently manages these assets, from acquisition and development to leasing and disposition, ensuring that we maximise returns and mitigate associated risks for our clients.

Private Equity & Alternative Investments

Within our private equity portfolio, we house a mix of venture capital, growth capital and buyout investments. We focus on partnering with high-potential businesses poised for significant growth. Leveraging our extensive industry network and deep operational expertise, we provide more than just capital, and offer strategic guidance to help these enterprises achieve their full potential while yielding superior returns.

Our alternative investments portfolio provides access to a range of non-traditional assets, offering opportunities for enhanced returns and portfolio diversification. Our investments are concentrated in hedge funds, Crypto and collectable assets. Each investment undergoes a rigorous due diligence process to ensure its potential for return enhancement and risk mitigation aligns with our expectations and objectives.

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We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your unique financial objectives and explore how Limoni Group can assist you in achieving them. Please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience.


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